Solar LED Street Light With Dimming

Solar LED Street Light With Dimming
Solar LED Street Light With Dimming
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Product Code : Kavita0025
Brand Name : Kavita
Product Description
Product Details:
Load Power12/15/18/21/24/30/40Watt
Power SourceSolar

  • Stand Alone System
  • "Fit and forget" device
  • Safe, efficient and reliable
  • Easy Installation
  • Free from messy cable
  • High refractive Acrylic
  • Maximum light coverage
  • Reliable MOSFET based
  • Electronics Appealing Aesthetic of Luminaries
  • As per MNRE Specification
  • Automatic dawn to dusk operation
  • Temperature Compensated Battery charging
  • MPPT based solar charge controller Timer-Optional

KAVITA SOLAR offers a wide range of Solar PV LED Street Light with standard and custom built versions. The Standard model generally conforms to MNRE specifications

General Specifications and Features:

  • Housing material : Aluminum
  • Chimney Material : Acrylic/Polycarbonate
  • SPV Module : High efficiency silicon cell based SPV module
  • Battery 12V @ C-10 Low maintenance tubular lead acid battery
  • LED’S Ultra Bright High Power LED’S
  • Battery Box : ABS/MS
  • Module mounting frame : Mild steel galvanized
  • Pole : Mild steel galvanized (15feet)/ as per requirement


Fuse LED indications :

  • Battery charging in process
  • Battery Charged (Charging disconnect)
  • Battery deep discharge (Load disconnect) Solder free installation

Protection options :

  • Battery Reverse polarity
  • Battery deep discharge
  • Battery Overcharge- 100%
  • short circuit- Surge/lightning

Electrical Specification :

  • Load disconnect battery voltage 11 ± 0.2 volts or as required
  • Load reconnect battery voltage 12.5 ± 0.2 volts or as required
  • Constant Charging Voltage 14.5 ± 0.2 volts or as required
  • Idle current consumption Less than 5ma
  • Overall efficiency (Including charge controller) : 85%
  • Light Output 130 lumens/W (Nominal)


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